Tuesday, August 23, 2005

J2EE vs. .Net??? why?

Hi all, I recently ended a J2EE course where I learnt how everything works together for J2EE. During that course I used Eclipse as de DE, Jboss as the application server, Hibernate to connect to the DB (MySQL), Struts for the JSP pages and ANT to run scripts. We also used Jweaver.

First of all, why do I need all those tools? There's a whole bunch of stuff to know about each one of them. They all have configuration files, which is a plus in some ways, but it's also a bad thing since you don't have tools like IntelliSence there that tells you where you've messed up.

Having that many different tools working with you makes it hard to track bugs since the bug could be in your code or in any of the different configuration files.

They say there's a whole lot of documentation and the community is huge, probably someone already had the problem you are having, the only thing you have to do is find that person (I love the MSDN site).

And the last thing, it's so "open" there are tons of different configurations, if you download an example of something you're looking for, there's a 80% chance you'll have to modify something in order to run the example and getting it working on your computer.

Also, and this is the last one, J2EE is just a bunch of papers that tell you what to do and how to design your apps, while .Net is a framework, there's an IDE where you can modify your server pages or you data bases' store procedures. In case I want to run an example from the web all I need to do is copy the files in my hard drive, load them in VS and press F5.

My bottom line is: of course I won't develop in the short/middle term in J2EE, there's nothing they provide I can't do with .Net, and with .Net I'd probably do it in half of the time it would take me to do it with J2EE. I believe J2EE is for scenarios where the application servers have to be Linux, and your company is planning on providing a lot of services to other companies, cause if they don't, I would just use plain Java Beans.

Para obtener este texto traducido mándeme un email o vaya a Babel Fish, la traducción no es muy Buena pero la idea se entiende, creo.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Where are you at?

Hi all, just wanted you to know that since today you'll be able to see where you are while checking my blog out. There's a new link below my picture (Where R U @?) that will take you to a site where you can see a map... mm mm why don't you just click the link and see it for yourself?

Hola a todos, solo quería que supieran que a partir de hoy podrán ver dónde están mientras miran my blog. Hay un nuevo link debajo de mi foto (Where R U @?) que los va a llevar a una página donde verán en un mapa... mm mm por qué no hacen click en el link y lo ven ustedes mismos?

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Wanna buy me stuff????

Hello everybody, it's been a while.
This's gonna be a short one. I just wanted to tell that if you ever wondered what to give me as a present, let's say birthday, Xmas, or whatever occasion you feel like it, now you'll have a link to my Amazon whish list in my blog, right below my profile link.

Upcoming events, a discussion (with myself) about .Net vs. J2EE, check it out.

Hola a todos, tanto tiempo.
Este va a ser corto. Solo quería decir que si alguna vez se preguntaron que regalarme por mi cumpleaños, navidad o cualquier ocación, ahora contarán con un link a my lista deseada de Amazon en mi blog, justo abajo del link del perfile (profile)

Próximamente, una discusión (conmigo mismo) acerca de .Net vs. J2EE, no se la pierda.

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