Thursday, November 08, 2007

Reach me from here!

live I've just read the announcement that Microsoft launched two new features for Live Messenger.
The first one tells everybody that visits your site whether you are online or not... just to let them know. But the second one, is a chat like app which will let people everywhere reach you at your own Live Messenger if you are online. People can log in with a valid MSN account or just as anonymous. They have to type of of those messy words you see now a days everywhere and that's it.

I don't know how good this could be, I mean, I like my contacts to know whether I'm online or not... but everybody? I don't know... I'll give it a try though and let you know... hey! maybe you can be first person to reach me :)

Also, could somebody from a Linux box reach me and let me know his experience, I promise I'll post the comments here.

One important thing I forgot to mention before... whoever is reaching you from your site can not tell your MSN account, that means they won't know your email account associated with MSN, thus, they can't add you as a friend or send you spam. I just thought that would be an important point.

To find out more and put any of these features in your site/blog, go here.

(First post with the new Windows Live Writer using the spell checker, cool)

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