Friday, June 16, 2006

Geek draft season

You're probably aware that Robert Scoble left Microsoft, also there's a "rumour" that Gates is leaving Microsoft, and now I'm leaving The Soupreme Court of Justice for DeKlarit ( LOL!

This is a big opportunity to me and I'm very excited about it. DeKlarit is a Visual Studio add-in used world wide and it's used to develop .Net applications (win, web, mobile) faster than ever. You take care of your businness rules and let DeKlarit create the tables needed to model your application reality.
I'll start working in a big software company and thats really exciting to me, cause our business is about biulding software.

I'll be bloging about it soon so stick around.

Also, no more spanish, I'm tired of translating and keeping in mind that most of my visitors are english speaking peple and that english is the official interenet languagge there'll be no spanish from now on. Sorry to those who do not understand english... you need to start learning english right away.

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