Friday, October 07, 2005

Taiwan rulz!!!

They've made every electronic gadget I have, they don't deserve what's going on with Google Local. As you can see in this picture and you can check it out for yourself, when you search Taiwan at Google Local, it says Taiwan "Province of China".
I can only imagine how angry taiwanese people must be. According to the BBC they've already complained at Google, but the legend is still there.
Support Taiwan! they might get so angry they won't sell any electronics to us anymore.
Hey Taiwan!!! In Uruguay we know you are an independent country so keep the electronics coming.
Imagine Uruguay appeared as a province of Argentina!!! I'd be pissed!

Ellos han hecho todos los aparatos electronicos que tengo, no se merecen lo que está pasando con Google Local. Como se puede apreciar en esta foto y puede verificarlo useted mismo, cuando uno busca Taiwan en Google Local, dice Taiwan "Provincia de China".
Solo me puedo imaginar el enojo de los taiwaneses. Según la BBC ya se han quejado con Google pero la leyenda sigue ahí.
Che Taiwan!!! En Uruguay sabemos que son un pais independiente asique sigan mandando los electrodomésticos.
Imaginense que Uruguay apareciera como provincia de Argentina!!! Yo estaría re caliente!

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