Thursday, September 11, 2008

Easy Remover also goes open source


Following Milano’s BuildConsole my “Easy Remover” is also going open source, as I did before with Goomez. Now in a Google Code hosted project since I wanted to try it out. I think I’ll move Goomez there too.

For those of you who don’t know Easy Remover and don’t understand spanish (the original post was in spanish), Easy Remover is my alternative to the “Add/Remove Programs” feature in Windows. I always thought the loading was way too slow, had some missing features, and found no use for some of the info displayed there, like the size of the program and how often I use it, I already know that thank you.

Easy Remover loads much faster than the standard/official feature, and lets you search in your installed programs refining the showed programs to the word (or pieces of it) you are looking for.

In the original post, Gusbro posted a link to a blog where it was explained how Windows collects the info to show in the standard form, which explains why it is so slow to load. (here’s the link)

But as mentioned before, I just wanted to let everyone know that Easy Remover goes now open source. Here’s the project site

One more thing… I posted the project as GNU Public cause they don’t have the “Works on My Machine” license ;)

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