Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Microsoft Live Mesh: WOW!

mesh I don't know when was the last time a Microsoft product made such an impression on me. Microsoft Live Mesh surely did it.

About a week ago Ignacio send me an invitation to take a look at Mesh sharing one of his folder with me. I started up installing the small (1.57 MB) client app in my notebook computer. After doing that a shortcut appeared in my desktop to the folder Ignacio shared with me. I double clicked it and a light winform asked me where I wanted that folder.

Now that folder is synchronized all the time and we can add, remove or modify files and the client will sync those files up. Even when we modified the same word doc at the same time, the client told us there was a conflict and let us view both version of the file and pick the one we wanted to keep as final version (no merging yet).

Another cool feature is that I don't need the client to access the files. I can go online to mesh.com and go to my Live Desktop where I can see al my folders and files, work with them and upload them back up to keep them synchronized with all my computers.

Also, you can connect via Remote Desktop to any of your devices and work as if you were sitting in front of them. Better yet than regular Remote Desktop, since, when you're working somebody can be watching what you're doing. Let's say my wife's at home having some kind of problem and calls me for help (she does that). I can connect to my home computer (DSL connection) and show her how to do what she needs to do.

And one more feature I haven't been able to test is the ability to extend your desktop to one of your devices. The client installs a video controller which I assume will be used for that kind of stuff.

Live Mesh is a tech preview (not even in beta yet) but if you ask me, It's already a great product!

Note: I always mentioned devices because now you can only add computers but mobile devices and mac computers will also be available for synchronization.

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Thursday, May 01, 2008

GeneXus X is here

Many cool stuff I won't detail since you can read them from the site www.genexusX.com.

For a couple of months or so I contributed with my grain of sand to the GeneXus dev team, so I guess that allows me to feel the pride and happiness I feel right now about the release :)

Congratulations to all the team!

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