Friday, August 06, 2010

Annoy Smarx from Windows Phone 7

Annoy Smarx is a web app that Steve Marx showed in Windows Azure Firestarter event. It is a web app that once you clicked on an image, Steve’s notebook wallpaper would change to the selected image. It was a pretty cool demo cause it showed you a good practical sample of AppFabric ServiceBus.

Last week I started playing around with the new Windows Phone 7 SDK, and I faced the problem I do when I start something new, “what should I code”? I t has to be simple cause I’m new to this stuff (I’m no too familiar with silverlight either) but not too simple… I hate the “Hello World!” sample. So I thought maybe I can create a client for the AnnoySmarx sample and so I did.

I liked it cause it a simple project, yet it has many cool features, like downloading blobs from Azure Storage, using a ListBox to show the images, handling the double tap event on Windows Phone 7 (there’s no OnDoubleTap event, so it might be a little more complicated than you think), and calling a rest service on ServiceBus which is actually running on my computer.

You’ll find all the resources you need at Steve’s post and the code for this client here.

I recorded a video of the app running on the emulator…

pretty cool uh?!


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