Thursday, July 19, 2007

DeKlarit 4.3 will be released with WCF support!

That's what's been keeping me busy for the last couple of months, Windows Communication Foundation.
Originally started by Andres, the WCF addin is a great tool for quickly implement your own WCF architecture, or if your new to it, is a pretty good way get things working right away and see how it all works.

Basically you will have, as you did in the Remoting or the WSE addin, your own client where you change the data provider from SimpleDataAdapterFactory to WCFDataAdapterFactory and change the DataAdpaters reference in your module project for a reference to the WCFGenerator client dll where all the proxies are hosted. By doing that your app will no longer reach the DataAdapters in order to get to the data, instead it will try to reach some services. But where are these services? At the moment you have only one option, Internet Information Services, but you will have more options in the future. Also, right now only BasicHttpBinding and WSHttpBinding is supported.

So when you run the addin you'll get:
Service Client: the project you have to reference in your client application
Server web application: where the services are hosted
Service Implementation: that's the actual place were the services are implemented, so if you want to host your services in a console application or as a Windows Service the implementation is already done and it will be the same for all three kinds of project.
Service Contracts: that's where all the interfaces used as contracts are.

There's a pre-release version of DeKlarit 4.3 in the forum.

P.S: Windows Presentation Foundation will also be available in future DeKlarit versions, sorry, no 4.3

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