Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Assembla: What a tool!

I was getting tired of VSS, don't ask me why, I just wasn't happy about the different VSS databases. Also, at DeKlarit we're using SVN with TortoiseSVN which has a great integration with Windows Explorer. So I started to look for some free SVN server... I didn't try too hard, cause I just loved the first one I found.

It's called Assembla and it has many cool features. Here's just a list of what you get with a free account:

  • Unlimited team size
  • Public or Private (invited members only)
  • Subversion (this is what I was looking for)
  • Trac - development tickets and timeline
  • Integrated Ticket tool
  • Wiki
  • Milestones, Tasks, and Discussions
  • Alerts: Real-time email, batch email, or RSS (one of the simplest and coolest features)
  • File attachments
  • Chat
  • "Stand-up" or "Scrum" team member reports
  • Image Annotation
  • Time tracking and reporting
  • Staffing workbench

You get all that with a free 500 MB account, which is pretty decent for just source code and some wiki pages. Right now I'm hosting three projects there and I'm really happy about it.

One feature I particularly "enjoy" is being able of open tickes (like, issues, bugs, improvements) and then close them from tortoise while committing the changes. All you have to do is writing 'fix #2' as as comment to the commit you're doing if that action closes your ticket #2.


Kbza said...

lo mejor que pueden hacer, es instalar el trac en un linux local, para asegurarse respaldos, y evitar problemas.. pero si.. es una excelente herramienta..
tambiƩn pueden hacer sus propios reportes.. etc.

mchean said...

Based on your recommendation I set up an Assembla space. Lots of good stuff there. Have you looked at any of the Visual Studio integration tools? I downloaded http://www.visualsvn.com/ and it seems to work well.

Sebastian said...

No dude I have not... but I will definitely give visualsvn a try

mchean said...

Any advice on how to make SVN and a tool like VisualSVN work with Deklarit?

Sebastian said...

Sorry, haven't tried it yet...