Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Introducing Goomez

GoomezLogo2Goomez started as a test. I wanted to create an application that given a server it could crawl all the shared folders of the server. So I stared googling around and I found it. There I was, with a program that could "know" the names of the shared folders on a server, but what could I do with that?
So I thought, "well, I could create a crawler to get info from the servers, save that data in a database and the query the tables if I want to know whether I file or program I'm looking for, is in fact, in any of my servers". So that's how Goomez was born.
It changed a bit after Milano's suggestion to use Lucene.net, but now Goomez is what we use at Artech when somebody wants to find a software installer.

Today I decided to make it public. It has no tricky license or anything like that, I created a space in Assembla Google Code so you can download the source code and do whatever you want with it. Also, you can upload some fixes or new features, I'll be approving the changes (at least for now) in case somebody breaks anything.

As I mentioned before, Assembla has a wiki and some other stuff that I plan to use like the tickets and files. (Edit: Google Code also has a wiki)

One more thing. This software is being released as is with a full "works on my machine" certification. works on my machine

Oh! I almost forgot... here's the link to the space. Enjoy!

EDIT: The Goomez project is no longer hosted in Assembla. We moved to Google Code at http://code.google.com/p/goomez

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