Sunday, August 03, 2008

Next stop: Florida!


I didn’t want to say anything but a few days ago Milano mentioned it in a post in our forum so I guess that gave me the green flag :)

We are now working on the next version of DeKlarit code-named “florida”. We want to add a lot of new stuff but I think one of the most important features will be the Silverlight addin which will let you create web applications with Silverlight controls. We are still in the process of making a few decisions like, will it be a full Silverlight app or will it have aspx pages as containers for the Silverlight controls? We believe the second is the best choice right now since we have two excellent web addins and we can use the navigation logic we already have in those. That means it will be pretty easy for you to migrate your current WebGenerator generated app to a brand new Silverlight app. Cool uh?

Also, we’re thinking on REST support for our WCF addin, WPF for a fully funtional WinGenerator addin independent of third party controls, something you guys’ve been asking for, and full text search in generated applications among others. Also, I have to work on our security features for the generated apps and add a few features like allowing a user to change his password, sending conformation emails and more.

So if you have any suggestions, now is the time. I can’t assure you we’ll implement them all but we’ll surely keep’em under the radar.


Read the full thread of the “announcement” here.

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Iulian said...

Hi there,
what is going on with Deklarit?
Should I wait for "Florida" release or should I look for other frameworks?
I am using Deklarit for a large project here in Romania and I really need to know how to plan my development strategies.

Best regards,