Sunday, August 30, 2009

Windows 7: Best OS upgrade experience ever!


Despite the known chart, upgrading my notebook to Windows 7 was a great and easy experience. As some of you already know my notebook came with Microsoft Vista installed which I uninstalled after some time of work with it. (here’s my post about that)

Having Windows 7 installed at work I decided to go ahead and install it on my notebook.

Two things surprised me, first of all, the installer gave me the option to upgrade (which is not supported according to the chart). I didn’t take that option since I wanted to have a clean install but it was there, I don’t know what’d happened if I’d clicked it. And the second surprising thing was how fast it was… really, I didn’t time it cause it is one of those things you expect to take hours… and it probably did, but it seemed fast and almost “enjoyable”.

And one more cool thing. While I was installing it told me I had a previous Windows installed and since I didn’t choose to upgrade everything was going to be named Windows.old, I wouldn’t be able to run that windows installation but all the files would be there, and to my surprise that folder not only contained the previous Windows folder but also the program files and user settings. I found that really helpful cause you don’t always remember what programs to install after a clean up, so I now I have the old folder there.

I just read that the Windows.old folder was available on Vista :S
I guess that what you get when your product gives a first really bad impression (Vista).

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