Sunday, May 05, 2013

Privacy Statement for Windows Store Applications


We are committed to maintaining your confidence and trust, and recognize your right to keep your personal information private. We maintain the following privacy policy to protect personal information you provide:

Basic Privacy Policy
The application does not store any personal information at any time. If you share personal information, such as your username, Live ID, IP or email address, we will keep this information private and confidential. We will use this information only to save the application settings and progress across multiple platforms or installations.
Information collected during the use of the application
All remotely stored information will only be used for the purpose of determining the most popular features, and to determine what to develop later.
We do Not share information with third parties
Personal information and usage statistics of the application will not be given to third parties, except as necessary to fulfill the purpose for which you provide your information, or legally required, as in the case of an investigation of an offense criminal serving a search warrant.

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Living Like Crazy said...

Compliments on your blog and your Storage Explorer, which I'm using to create Table Storage for an iOS application. Mazeltov.