Saturday, October 27, 2007

Great customer support

I don't know if that's customer support. If you go back to one my latest post I was very pissed about not finding what I was looking for regarding Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) security features. I had read tons of articles, papers, blogs, and forum threads and I still couldn't figured it out (I still haven't). But then, after my post, somebody made a comment (you can go ahead and read it). This guy, Michael Green, told me he was from the WCF documentation team and he would be happy to hear what I had to say regarding the WCF documentation, so he left his email address for me to reach him.

So I did, I wrote an email telling him the articles I read and how incomplete those were. I told him that those articles were assuming some knowledge or tips of some kind that obviously I didn't know, that could be my fault but the articles did not mention them or have links to that info.

After a few days I got an answer, which I didn't expect. We discussed about one article in particular and exchange a couple of email. Bottom line: he appreciated my feedback, told me he was going to add the missing info in the docs and also told me to feel free to reach him anytime.

That's what I call great customer support... I'm still lost, I haven't achieved what I wanted to, but in some way, I feel good! :(

P.S: I checked and the article has not changed yet... I'll wait

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