Sunday, October 14, 2007

SQL2005 Import/Export wizard sucks!

And it's not just me saying it!

The thing is, I have a database with many tables and I created in a new database the exact same tables (at least some of them). Then, for testing purposes, I wanted to populate these tables with the data from the previous database. In SQL2000 I did this hundreads of times with no problems but "now" they replaced DTS for SSIS, and it's just stupid what it is doing. Eventhough there's no identity fields in the tables I have to set "Enable identity insert" to true, otherwise the wizard will try to create the table and since they're already there the script fails saying it could not complete the create table statement :(

  While searching for this issue I found quite a few, so I suggest if you're trying to transfer data, use the DTS Import/Export wizard from SQL2000. It just works!

(BTW: I have SQL2005 SP2)

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